take the party anywhere with jonathan odom’s portable hot tub
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hot tubs are expensive, bulky, and a pain to rent. that’s why oakland-based designer jonathan odom decided to make his own. the tub consists of six slot-fit panels in a hexagonal configuration, with ledges that friction fit to brackets at the top of each panel. a liquid propane water heater, electric water pump, 12v battery, in-line hot filling filter, and garden hoses make up the filling and heating setup. the jacuzzi panels and all equipment is fixed to a pneumatic-wheeled dolly, which allows for easy transport to any possible locations. in total it weights about 200 lbs, and can be easily fit in the back of a station wagon. for an extensive tutorial on the project, click here.

jonathan odom, designboom portable hot tub
portable hot tub being transported


video courtesy of instructables


take the party anywhere with jonathan odom's portable hot tub

jonathan odom, designboom portable hot tub

fill and enjoy



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