ceramic vases complete with flowers are affixed to mundane surroundings

the PLF (pot liberation front): is a tongue-in-cheek social movement with the rejuvenation of pottery its primary
mission. ‘the group of tireless potters disrupt the coldness of the urban wall with a domestic figure: a vase.

pot liberation front by apparatu broadcast: members of the pot liberation front outline their missionpassers-by and local residents can decorate it as a way of making their mark on the city in which they inhabit. pottery for the people! god save the pot!’

pot liberation front by apparatu the PLF hope to disrupt the cold urban walls everywhere by 2015

the ‘pot liberation front’ is a project by the berlin-based ceramicists apparatu, who recently participated in
designboom’s handled with care exhibtion. we will publish a snapshot report of the show next week
– please stay tuned.