‘A380’ interior

UK multidisciplinary design group priestmangoode has designed the new flagship A380 for lufthansa that has just been unveiled at a global media launch in frankfurt. priestmangoode designed the cabin interiors across all three classes. the new designs will be retro-fitted across the whole long-haul lufthansa fleet, starting with the A330/340’s at the beginning of 2011.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380

employing the palette of leather, suede, wood and marble-like laminate in caramel, champagne, chablis, and grey-brown used in lufthansa’s first class airport lounge, priestmangoode’s new first class cabin seeks to give the cabin a warmer and more domestic feel, as well as allowing a transition between airport lounge and aircraft.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380

the new interior features eight seats offering single and double occupancy. the shells of the first row seat and second row ottoman are integrated using a seamless curve attempting to give the cabin a more fluid and bespoke feel. in response to passenger feedback,  installed sound absorbing curtains, cabin lining and flooring help to give passengers a more quiet atmosphere. the widest seat environment in flight measures at 55cm between the arms and 80cm including the armrests. a completely flat bed measures in at 207cm in length with an adjustable leather ottoman forming the end of the bed.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380

there are no fixed partitions which helps to make the cabin feels open. each seat has motorized retractable privacy screens that come out of the seat shell to create a semicocoon – like enclosure, thus,  allowing for privacy. each seat is fitted with a monitor tower set behind the ottoman, and houses a cantilevered monitor with a machined aluminium screen shroud.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380

a caramel leather credenza with an organic-shaped cocktail table and a textured white finish can also be seen as part of the design. the credenza houses a large one piece table with an extensive range of movement and accessible storage areas for personal items.

personal cabinets with garment bags and storage space replace overhead bins, helping to make the cabin feel more spacious. the appearance of gadgets is reduced to a minimum: the main visible control button is the return to upright button for taxi, take-off and landing, located on the cocktail tray. the other controls are located within the armrest. there are two reading lights: one for reading in bed, and the other ‘snake light’ for reading upright.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380 full length bed

priestmangoode also designed the business and economy classes for the A380. business class seats, located on the upper deck of the aircraft, have been upgraded and offer full-length beds at an angle. semi-transparent dividing screens have been added throughout the cabin to create a series of more private zones.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380 full length bed with dividing screens

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380 accessible storage areas for personal items

the new economy class seats feature slimmer seat back shells maximizing passenger living space. the gray and blue seats with yellow reveals are supported by a cabin brand panel featuring a yellow crane on an anthracite background.

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380 visible control buttons

priestmangoode: lufthansa flagship A380 monitor tower set behind the ottoman