mercury high-speed double decker train all images courtesy of priestmangoode

‘mercury’ is a highspeed train concept designed by london-based multidisciplinary design group priestmangoode, set to be the first double-decker train to operate in the UK. it is a new approach to the way we travel, incorporating a flexible, open plan design to allow for interaction, space and relaxation without compromising privacy. this will benefit both commuting and longer haul journeys, making the trip more comfortable and akin to modern living. ‘mercury’ will feature traditional commuter seats (designed to incorporate in transit entertainment systems), along with private berths for families, private parties or business meetings, reflecting the nostalgia of compartmental train travel.

there will be a children’s play area integrated into the train, and a luxury first class section will mirror the choice offered to air travellers with a luxury lounge and bar.

you can view a video of the mercury here

priestmangoode: mercury high speed double decker train standard class with private berths

paul priestman, of priestmangoode, and designer of the virgin pendolino train, believes that the new high speed train is vital for the future of britain, both as the low-carbon, sustainable transport of the future and as a crucial opportunity to champion british design and engineering in an increasingly competitive global economy.

priestmangoode: mercury high speed double decker train first class

priestmangoode: mercury high speed double decker train

the exterior of the train is designed to emulate the british design classics, and will measure up to 400 m long with an extended nose section – one of the most extreme in the world – important for the aerodynamics of a train which will travel up to 225 mph.