having developed the interiors for many of the world’s airlines including lufthansa, malaysia airlines, TAM, thai airways and qatar airways, priestmangoode has been appointed to design the interiors for brazil’s embraer and their new fleet of commercial jets. having worked with the airline previously on their range of executive jets, lineage 1000, this collaboration sees the UK firm conceiving the complete passenger cabin, as well as the interior architecture and seating across all classes applying to the company’s E-jet E2 air crafts. the expansion of this squadron is evidence of embraer’s commitment to invest in its line of commercial jets which will feature state-of-the-art engines, in combination with new aerodynamically advanced wings, full fly-by-wire flight controls, and other system evolutions which are said to result in double digit improvements in fuel burn, maintenance costs, emissions and external noise.

priestmangoode to design interiors for embraer's new fleet
rendering of seating design



we are delighted to be working with embraer again, who time and again have shown great dedication to design excellence. our work on the E-jets E2 is about visually translating embraer’s brand values, whilst enabling the flexibility for airlines to customize the aircraft to their own requirements. we look forward to working closely with embraer over the next few years to deliver a truly standout product.’ – paul priestman, designer and co-founding director of priestmangoode. embraer’s aim is to provide the best product and maintain its leadership in the 70 to 120-seat market, in whichover 950 of its E-jets are currently in service with 65 customers from 47 countries.