‘primitive modernity’ by arnaud gauthier



‘primitive modernity’ is a table and kitchen utensils collection which offers many cooking systems in a compact space. arnaud gauthier‘s intentions with the project were to create a unit which addressed the food preparation methods found in different culture’s, more specifically the use of the oven, steaming practices and teppanyaki – a japanese style which uses an iron griddle. these three techniques define the appliance’s zones. the workstation is on show at the biennale international design saint-etienne 2013.



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthiersteamer baskets can be placed within the dutch oven



the first element is ancast-iron oven which works with electrical resistance and can operate in two different ways:it can be employed as a traditional oven, through the use of  volcanic stones which diffuse heat emitted by electrical resistance, in addition to an earthenware cover to keep heat in to cook food; and it can also function as a food steamer, through the use of basketswhich can be placed within.



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthierthe work station comes with five glass lids (which help keep steam within the oven) which also serve as plates




primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthiervolcanic stones can be installed directly in the dutch oven




primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthieran earthenware cover keeps heat within the oven




primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthiertwo stoves are designed to keep heat in like old marmites



the second is an induction zone which works with three cast-iron pans and two stoves, whose formal design draws from little mountains,sitting within each other to keep in heat, like old marmites. five glass lids which look like plates, and two removable handles complete this collection. intuitively designed, utensils are detected and appear on a touchscreen which allows one to control the heat of each element.



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthiergeneral view of the induction cook top



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthierthe cooking table is composed of three zones including a stainless steel cook top as seen on the left



lastly, a stainless steel cook top allows one to grill food with only two spatulas like in the traditional japanese teppanyaki skyle. the ‘primitive modernity’ workstation is compact, and combined with modern technology to cook in traditional methods, offers an intuitive and sensorial kitchen experience.



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthierthe entire utensil and cookware set which accompanies the system: 3 cast-iron pans, 2 stoves and a dutch oven, 5 glass lids, 2 removable handles, an earthenware cover,  3 steamer baskets, and 2 spatulas



primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthier‘primitive modern’ on show at the biennale internationale design saint-etienne 2013image © designboom


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primitive modernity cooking table by arnaud gauthierbiennale internationale design saint-étienne 8th edition from 14th to 31st march 2013empathy, or experiencing the other50 exhibitions, 29 rendez-vous, 60 places


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the 8th edition will run from the 14th through to the 31st march 2013, with the ambition of further developing interactions between the saint-etienne region and designers, local cultural and economic actors, and national and international invited guests. the biennale is taking place throughout the saint-etienne region, hosting more than forty exhibitions at the cité du design and other external sites, along with conferences and events organized by numerous different actors.