with a global mask shortage, many people, including top designers and architects, have proposed solutions to help stop the spread of coronavirus COVID-19with priority rightly given to medical staff and essential workers, germain verbrackel has shared his method of creating a disposable paper mask at home that can be used by to make quick errands such as going to the supermarket. 

print your own COVID-19 mask at home with germain verbrackel's simple template designboom

what you need to make your mask

all images courtesy of germain verbrackel



as opposed to the masks that require laser cutters or 3D printers, all you need to make this mask is an A4 printer, paper, tape and some string – in germain verbrackel‘s instructional video he has even utilized a shoelace. although not being a respiratory mask, the paper version intends to work as a physical barrier like surgical masks, which do not filter the air and are not sealed. by using a disposable mask, the paper design also aims to reduce the risk of contamination that exists with reusable masks. free, accessible and quick and easy to make, you can download the template here




‘by using our world wide web, we can spread solutions quicker than the spread of the virus. this mask aims to protect the wearer and his environment against droplet projections causing the COVID-19 infection. agreed, paper is not as comfortable as silk but this mask pretends to be a protection for punctual errands. stay home and stay safe. to fight the global spread, we need to adopt an empathetic mindset towards protecting not only ourselves but protecting others. this is where this mask can help.’ – germain verbrackel

print your own COVID-19 mask at home with germain verbrackel's simple template designboom

the assembled mask



project info:


project name: print your mask

design: germain verbrackel


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