after COVID-19, facemasks have become an indispensable part of our daily life. influenced by this new habit, designers martin hřeben, robin fišer, martin žampach created prototypum facemask to protect front-line medical personnel. the mask provides the highest possible level of protection and allows long-term use with maximum comfort.

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martin hřeben, robin fišer, martin žampach created prototypum facemask with a filter ventilation unit in combination with the air distribution system to ensure easy breathing. the mask also allows filtration of the exhaled air and thus protects the surroundings. it is part of a modular system that includes a ventilation unit, replaceable filters, and accessories.

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during the development process, the designers paid special attention to the elements that increase the wearing comfort during long-term use. the design and concept of the mask are based on studies of the requirements of healthcare professionals, which they demonstrated before the start of development. the designers also collaborated on the project with experienced engineers, experts, and technical universities.

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one of the main key features of the mask is a PAPR system– an air-purifying respirator that uses a blower to force air through filter cartridges into the breathing zone. the mask meets the requirements for the highest degree of protection. at the same time, it allows the filtration of exhaled air as an option. the lightweight construction and ergonomically shaped seal make the mask comfortable for long-term use. moreover, a large field of vision in all directions ensures perfect visibility and excellent visual contact with the patient. the mask is designed for sterilization in a disinfectant solution or by heat thus is reusable.

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project info:


name: prototypum facemask

designers: martin hřeben, robin fišer, martin žampach


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