thor ter kulve: public furniture interventions‘pop-up swing’all images courtesy thor ter kulve



dutch designer thor ter kulve has created a collection of products that re-shapes and re-defines the
 public space. by using well known products, kulve demonstrates how temporary interventions that modify existing typologies can transform a notion of a well-recognizable object. examples include a bell and fireplace attachment to a lamppost and garbage can, or a fire hydrant-cum-waterfountain. the ‘pop-up swing’  for instance, can be easily attached to anything that is firmly anchored. the construction consists of powder coated steel pipes, wooden seating and a pair of heavy straps.



public furniture interventions by thor ter kulve

fire hydrant-cum-water fountain



the rotating fountain attaches to existing fire hydrants to create intricate water patterns. a push button automatically stops the water flow after 20 seconds making it fully interactive. the design instantly creates a new situation, interesting questions rise about water spillage.



public furniture interventions by thor ter kulvedetail of the fountain nozzle



public furniture interventions by thor ter kulve

‘straathaard’ garbage can fireplace



these widely spread dutch trash bins have been easily susceptible to fire damage by vandals during events such as new years eve. the straathaard (translation; street fire) promotes the possibility to use as a heater responsibly.



public furniture interventions by thor ter kulve

‘the big blue bulb’



the blowup structure is designed to be mounted onto holland’s most classic lantern. the rip stop nylon diffuses the light in an very atmospheric way,changing the experience of a street making it easy to point out a particular building or a temporary city route.



public furniture interventions by thor ter kulveconstruction detail



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