‘BE light’ by qisdesign

taiwanese company qisdesign has produced ‘BE light’: drawing from the art of paper folding, this LED desk lamp features hinges that allow it to collapse into a two-dimensional form. the carefully engineered light is adjustable, with a counterweight designed to remain firm while the flexible arm extends to accommodate various scenarios. made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, yet sturdy.

when not in use, it can simply be folded down flat to a height of 1.8 cm, taking up a small surface area and lending an understated appearance. ‘BE light’ also adopts light guide technology, which distributes illumination evenly and eliminates glare.

qisdesign: BE light demonstrating range of motion

qisdesign: BE lightview of underside

qisdesign: BE light in use

qisdesign: BE light folded

qisdesign: BE light

qisdesign: BE light aerial view

qisdesign: BE light