step inside the enchanted ‘experience hub’ by Quad studio


Multi-disciplinary practice QUAD studio has designed an immersive and dream-like landscape installation dubbed ‘Experience Hub’ at The Arles, a new housing complex in Hong Kong. Inspired by the four seasons, the team has captured elements of the existing outdoors and reimagined them to create a sort of voyage into a new world —  choreographing each space to evoke different emotions and sensations. 
experience hub 3
Blooming of Spring Sakura Forest

Blooming of Spring


Stepping inside the ‘Experience Hub’ by QUAD studio (see more here), visitors are welcomed into a colorful Sakura Forest surrounded by a reflective lake that captures the shadows of Sakura trees swaying in the wind. Their pinkish hues also cast a pleasant shimmer over the lake’s silvery and frosted ceiling. Combining that rosey color with the green grass and grey stones by the water, the spirit of Spring dazzles its way into the miniature forest.


Next to the Sakura Forest is the Japanese Black Pine tree penetrating through a circular skylight and floating above a sand pool with unyielding elegance. Casting light shadows onto a pink backdrop, this theatrical tree display symbolizes the spirit of The Arles extending from one ‘dimension’ to another.


experience hub 4

Vigour of Summer & Maples of Autumn

From the Sakura Forest, visitors are guided by a floral fragrance into a lush lavender garden. At the back are a set of arches framing a picturesque sunset exuding calm, fantasy, and romanticism. Sitting adjacent to the garden is the ‘Evening of Summer’ campsite where you can unwind under a starry night sky, listening to cicadas and crickets fill the air with their chirping. 
Next to the campsite, an autumn scenery takes shape, with orange maple tree foliage colorizing the wall surfaces. Meanwhile, an oval skylight floods the outdoor area with natural lighting that brings out the warmth of fall colors.
experience hub 5
Japanese Black Pine tree



Wilderness of Winter 


The ‘Experience Hub’ ends with the muted colors of the winter season. QUAD studio’s final space design greets visitors in a white bamboo forest adorned with a grayscale mountain backdrop. A few transparent bamboo trunks are randomly scattered across the room to elevate the enchanted and almost solemn atmosphere of the winter wilderness.

experience hub 1

Vigour of Summer Lavender Garden

QUAD studio's ethereal landscape installation at the arles celebrates the four seasons

QUAD studio's ethereal landscape installation at the arles celebrates the four seasons

Evening of Summer

QUAD studio's ethereal landscape installation at the arles celebrates the four seasons

Maples of Autumn




Wilderness of Winter
Wilderness of Winter

project info:


name: Experience Hub

location: The Arles, Hong Kong, China 
design: QUAD Studio 
team: Sean Leung, Veronica Wong, Sufat Su



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