qugo personal transporter by silvestris



responding to the growing demands of electric urban transportation, dutch company silvestris (maarten de bruijn, jan willem schoenmakers and leon vergunst)has developed ‘qugo‘. the personal urban transporter features front wheel drive, supported by two smaller rear wheels which are connected by swing arms to the balance wheel which passively reacts directly to the behavior of the driver. that means that no electronic intervention is needed to stabilize the vehicle.the user has full control of leaning the transit device, just as much as they would when riding a bike, offering flexibility of movement. made from an aluminium frame which starts at 25 kg depending on one’s chosen specifications, ‘qugo’ is powered by a lithium ion battery pack and is manufactured by urban mobility europe; an eco-friendly alternative for city dwellers designed for short journeys that would normally be performed by car.



 qugo personal electric transporter the aluminum frame makes the device lightweight



qugo personal electric transporter the vehicle leans into a corner offering the driver more flexibility of movement



qugo personal electric transporter front view



qugo personal electric transporter in its folded state ‘qugo’ becomes half the size at 1150 x 580 x 780 mm



qugo personal electric transporter dashboard control



qugo personal electric transporter



qugo personal electric transporter ignition



qugo personal electric transporter ‘qugo’ is built for urban transportation



‘qugo’ by silvestrisvideo courtesy of georges van wensveen


technical specifications:


weight (excluding battery): 25 kgtop speed (limited): 25 km/hrange: single charge, 25 kmdimensions (operational): 1150 x 580 x 1350 mmdimensions (folded): 1150 x 580 x 780 mmdrive line: 1 kW bldc hub-motorpower pack: li-ion 36v or 48 volt, 9-12ahcharging time: 3 – 4 hour*braking system: 3 disc brakes* depending on specification