designer jaebeom jeong has been featured here on designboom quite a few times. his furniture and lighting projects always seem to have a distinct feel. his ‘r60’ chair is one of his latest pieces that is part of his wireframe series. as jeong describes the piece, ‘this chair embodies an image of infinity repetition derived from reflex action and virtual image.’ while the description is technical the chair itself features a single chair that has been repeated and rotated to create a full circle of chairs. while it may appear that only one chair in the circle is usable, the wire frame ones are covered in poly carbonate to make them usable. the design is made from steel, poly carbonate sheet and ash.


grid chair by jaebeom jeong ‘cartrider’ by jaebeom jeong ‘messenger’ light by jaebeom jeong

‘r60’ chair by jaebeom jeong

‘r60’ chair by jaebeom jeong photography by seung-il kim