electric motor assists pedaling of project RAIOOO: an urban tricycle
images courtesy of joana ferreira




created by master students and professors in integrated design, at portugal’s polytechnic of viana do castelo, the ‘project RAIOOO’, an urban tricycle, can be configured with different materials, including wood, cork, aluminum and leather. the three-wheeler integrates an electric motor system that assists with the pedaling, and charges the batteries which are fitted in-between the wood and cork frames. its anterior fork and handlebar are produced from different timber, to that of the frame, in order to create an unusual but appealing contrast. the vehicle is finished with a rear basket, suitable for carrying heavy loads, and two leather bags which are located below the steering bar. the group collaboration intends to promote the development and sustainability of new products, and aims to implement them into city service.


promotion of the collaborative project when traveling through urban environments
video courtesy of viana3D


the rear box and two leather bags can carrying the user’s loads






the tricycle in the area of the viana do castelo


side view of the product


with use of a variety of materials creates an appealing contrast




parts, such as the seat, can be produced using 3D printing


mounting components for the three-wheeler