Rakha Singh introduces the Inder Copper Fountain Pen 


The Inder Copper Pen by Rakha Singh takes office stationery to a new level. Handmade in England and carved from a solid rod of copper, it combines durability with sophisticated design and functionality, qualities that will accompany the pen owner for life. Unencumbered by a clip or any other embellishments, the fountain pen’s sleek surface emits a reassuring glow and feel while also holding a satisfying weight and balance — making it ideal for both heavy-duty and light work.

the copper collection 2

Inder Copper Fountain Pen



letting copper patina form over time to ‘personalize’ each pen 


While lacking embellishments, the pen can eventually acquire a customized look by letting the untreated copper surface develop a unique patina over time. ‘Copper responds to touch and evolves with its environment; you will even notice the Inder warming up in your hand. As a result, copper patinas can vary from deep charcoal to dazzling turquoise, and your pen’s patina will be unique to you,’ shares Singh (see more here). For those who prefer maintaining a shiny new aesthetic, copper pens clean up nicely with a gentle abrasive (vinegar or lemon). 

the copper collection 3

a utilitarian pen that gets ‘personalized’ by letting copper patina form over time



combining antimicrobial properties and utilitarian design


With hygiene safety measures spiking due to Covid-19, the designer also chose copper for its antimicrobial properties. ‘Copper kills bacteria, yeasts, and viruses on contact and retains this property even after being wiped down, making it ideal for those working in sensitive environments. Interestingly, copper is also an important part of our diet as it is an essential trace mineral crucial to red blood cell formation,’ explains Singh. 

the copper collection 4

its antimicrobial properties are ideal for people working in sensitive environments



When it comes to penmanship, the Inder Copper Pen nib glides smoothly across any paper, ensuring perfect balance and minimum effort to produce letters. Sleek and rounded like the barrel, the cap screws on and off easily with reassuring ease and precision. Each pen comes with blue and black European cartridges and a premium ‘standard international’ fountain pen converter for bottled ink use.

the copper collection 5
guaranteering a smooth glide across any paper




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name: Inder Copper Pen
design: Rakha Singh / The Copper Collection




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