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ralph lauren changes its horse logo to piñata llama for fortnite fans

piñata llama for Ralph Lauren x Fortnite


When culture fans see a guy riding a horse with a mallet in hand and trying to chase a polo ball, they might immediately think of Ralph Lauren. That’s an example of an iconic logo – people instantly recognize it at first glance. But the horse is gone as Ralph Lauren transforms it into a piñata llama for its collaboration with Fortnite, resulting in a video games-inspired fashion collection.


The guy is still there with a mallet in hand, but he’s now riding a wide-eyed llama, unsure of the direction it’s hopping into. The shift in logo design peers into the influences of the digital world and gamers on the other creative industries such as fashion.  

ralph lauren fortnite
image via Twitter (@Wensoing)



The redesign signals the partnership between Ralph Lauren and Epic Games’ Fornite for ‘The Polo Stadium Collection’ in the game. The digital streetwear combined auto-racing and aviation with battle gears, so players of Fortnite can dress up their fighters elegantly with a fashion house’s collection. The ensemble is inspired by Ralph Lauren’s 1992 Stadium collection and includes new Outfits, Back Blings, and more ‘to inspire players in the face of any challenge,’ Fornite writes in its news.

ralph lauren fortnite
images courtesy of Epic Games (Fortnite) and Ralph Lauren



Ralph Lauren shares in its news that this is the company’s first time in its five-decade history that it said goodbye to the original Polo Pony to celebrate its collaboration with Fornite and to state how it believes in the power of the metaverse. The llama captures the surprised look of the cartoon one that appears in Fortnite, minus the lavender and blue stripes of the original model. At least the horse-riding guy still looks comfy in his sitting position on the cardboard llama. The collection will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting Saturday, November 5th, 2022.

ralph lauren fortnite
this is ralph lauren’s debut collaboration with fortnite



Ralph Lauren releases Fortnite-inspired apparel


Ralph Lauren has announced that the collection will also be available as physical items with Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite Capsule. ‘Drop #1’ releases on November 2nd, 2022 which contains apparel featuring a special Polo x Llama logo and custom embroidery while ‘Drop #2’ releases on December 1st, 2022 with apparel featuring the Polo x Llama logo and a Fortnite-fied take on Polo Stadium’s design elements.

ralph lauren fortnite
the outfits and skins form part of ‘the polo stadium collection’



On November 4th, Ralph Lauren will also become the first luxury brand to cohost a global player tournament in Fortnite ‘The Polo Stadium Cup’ where participants can earn in-game rewards including first access to the Ralph Lauren Outfits and accessories. Epic Games President Adam Sussman shares in Ralph Lauren’s news that Fornite highlights the essence of authentically expressing self as part of its player experience.

ralph lauren fortnite
The Polo Stadium Collection



Fashionably fighting opponents with Ralph Lauren


With the capsule collection, players can fashionably smash and battle opponents. ‘Ralph Lauren’s iconic ‘Polo’ design history together with the powerful versatility of Unreal Engine and the unmistakable style of Fortnite have resulted in an inspired campaign and timeless looks that Fortnite players worldwide are sure to love,’ says Sussman. 


It’s a new territory for Ralph Lauren, but the luxury brand thinks it’s a groundbreaking experience for them and a community of next-gen players and consumers. ‘We are excited to continue to lead digital exploration, building on our decades-long track record of pioneering innovation,’ says David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren.


Ralph Lauren collaborates with Fortnite for The Polo Stadium Collection

ralph lauren fortnite
ralph lauren x fortnite accessories

ralph lauren fortnite
ralph lauren x fortnite accessories


Ralph Lauren collaborates with Fortnite for The Polo Stadium Collection


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