ratpac entertainment logo by chermayeff & geismar & haviv




chermayeff & geismar & haviv  have designed the logo for ratpac entertainment – the newly formed partnership of hollywood director brett ratner and australian billionaire james packer. the new logo fuses together a capital R and P that represents the partnership in a simple iconic way, remaining highly recognizable when treated in any number of ways.








in september of 2013, warner bros. closed a $450 million dollar financial backing deal with ratpac entertainment. the newly formed partnership of hollywood director brett ratner (rush hour, tower heist, red dragon, hercules) and australian billionaire james packer will fund up to 75 new titles from warner bros. and new line over the next three to four years, an arrangement which began with the recently released george clooney, sandra bullock vehicle, gravity.


ratner came to chermayeff & geismar & haviv – which created identities for media giants such as NBC, PBS, showtime, univision, national geographic and screen gems – to design a logo that would be appropriate for ratpac’s new role as a major hollywood player.




ratpac entertainment – animated theatrical branding
by grand jeté




visualization of the ratpack logo on cinema screen




stone treatment of the logo




atmospheric moonlight treatment of the logo




logo seen on the red carpet for jersey boys



as a partner of warner bros., the ratpac mark will follow the studio’s signature in the opening credits. because of director’s guild rules that state no person’s name can appear on screen before the director’s name, the partnership’s credit will often appear without the ratpac name.


the new identity, which debuted in the opening credits of the clint eastwood film, jersey boys, will be used to identify all ratpac ventures such as ratpac documentary films, ratpac television, and ratpac publishing.



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