‘pond’ by raw-edges design studio images courtesy of raw-edges design studio

yael mer & shay alkalay of london based raw-edges design studio have created ‘pond’, a seating environment that is located within the bloomberg offices in london.

made out of 40 discarded wooden pallets and 60 repetitious bloomberg computer monitors, the purposefully raw construction is meant to look like an outdoor landscape. the interactive installation provides casual seating to workers who are looking to momentarily escape from the office environment.

raw edges: pond a worker sits on bench that lines one side of the ‘pond’

scattered screens that look as though they were carelessly placed on top of each other display an animation created by norwegian designer oscar narud. the continuously playing film includes several repeating cycles of activity that actually take place in and around a natural pond – fishes darting around stones, a duck paddling around and a frog jumping over a lily pad.

raw edges: pond detail of screens

raw edges: pond view of the overall installation

raw edges: pond discarded wood pallets are used, giving the overall ‘pond’ a very bucolic aesthetic

raw edges: pond

raw edges: pond the seating arrangement sits in the middle of a corporate office

pond from raw edges design studio on Vimeo. animation by oscar narud