‘pinha’ cork lamp base by raw edges studio

‘pinha’ by israel-born, london-based design team raw edges studio, is a cork pendant lamp, permitting users to choose its shape and appearance by pinning paper or other materials to the base for use as its lampshade.

the ‘pinha’ fixture itself is composed of two halves that fit easily over various hanging lights. the user determines the final appearance of the piece by pinning paper or other materials to one of three levels of the cork base. in the lamp’s customizability, one can also imagine hanging beaded strings or paper strips, or creating more elaborate structures or mobiles, but any sheet of paper or fabric can be curved around its surface.

the low thermal and electrical conductivity of cork makes the lamp safe to use, as well as rendering it sustainably sourced.

‘pinha’ is on display in ‘materia’, an exhibition of cork-based design by portuguese company amorim, during milan design week 2011.

raw edges studio: pinha the customizable lamp in use with a map for a shade

raw edges studio: pinha full view of the structure of ‘pinha’

raw edges studio: pinha demonstration of the lamp being assembled for use

raw edges studio: pinha additional view

raw edges studio: pinha the shape of the lampshade varies based on which of the three levels of cork the paper is pinned

raw edges studio: pinha an alternate view of the lamp reveals the pushpin used to easily attach a new shade

raw edges studio: pinha diagram illustrating the different lamp shapes possible based on where the paper is hung

raw edges studio: pinha using one of the three size templates to cut a new lampshade