360° stereoscopic view of the ‘readymade’ structural installation

‘readymade’ is the work of a team of interior design and architecture students from germany’s university of applied sciences in darmstadt, under the direction of architect boris banozic. the piece was designed as an exhibition stand for the [d3] exhibition for young designers at imm cologne 2011.

readymade exhibition wall front elevation view

the installation consists of two walls (6mx9m long), erected without any further support by bending them to a curved position. the resulting amorphous form is composed of 1,148 metersticks, 2,296 screws and 574 plastic fasteners.

departing from the topic of readymades, the piece is at once a reaction to a tight budget of € 3,000, as well as an investigation of the potentials of already existing materials and products to generate space. the team’s self-stated goals were to transform a standard, ordinary form into an extraordinary one, and to create an extensive spatial work starting with the smallest possible unit.

readymade exhibition wall side elevation view

readymade exhibition wall detail entrance view

readymade exhibition wall inside view

in search of a product with the potential of creating space and reflecting our faculty in one way or another, the team came upon the folding meterstick: the tool of the architect and at the same time the link between the architect and the craftsman. long used to measure space, the designers decided to create space with it.

readymade exhibition wall above side view

readymade exhibition wall above view

to get a stable structure only with metersticks, a knot was developed by interlocking two metersticks and putting a lace around it. by adding the resulting crosses by overlapping and screwing together components, the team generated a strong horizontal structure, capable of reaching a freestanding height of 2.70m.

readymade exhibition wall superimpositions view

readymade exhibition wall construction detail view

readymade exhibition wall interlocked connection view

readymade exhibition wall overlap connection view

readymade exhibition wall members of the student team

the student team is composed of christoph stoll, johannes herud, carina cestaro, maren hoess, isabelle hack, lina moeller, susanne pauls, rebekka brasch, and kristina kriegbaum.

readymade exhibition wall concept rendering of the project

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