every single material (including the tags and trim) of this expandable backpack comes from recycled material, mostly corkplanet friendly, simple, functional and water-resistant — the jajamän cork backpack is a new option for the conscious consumer, currently funding on kickstarter.

recycled cork backpack
all images courtesy of jajamän



pronounced ‘yayaman,’ jajamän is swedish for ‘hell yes, without a doubt.’ the mantra sums up the creators of this vegen cork backpack. the project on kickstarter is fully funded, but if you reserve a bag now, you can get one for 40% off. save the planet. save your bank account. be that proud, sustainability nerd and check out jajamän’s new pack. 
recycled cork backpack  recycled cork backpack recycled cork backpack

carry your stuff guilt free with this 100% recycled cork backpack