reggiani enhances the white company’s in store lighting experience




the white company‘s norwich store, conceived by dalziel and pow (D+P), has been washed in a new light. the london-based agency who specializes in brand and retail design have envisioned an all-LED shopping experience, with a domestic ‘home-from-home’ quality that brings customers on a journey through the space, engaging them with the products on offer. to realize this ambiance, they have taken advantage of the LED luminaires available from italian brand reggiani; accompanied by helvar‘s ‘dali’ control system, ensuring that the overall lighting scheme positively effects the feeling one has when in-store.

reggiani lighting italy designboom
the white company’s norwich store front illuminated by reggiani lighting




the lighting design concept was that the right level of lighting should be provided at the right time of day and for the right occasion,’ explained david dalziel of D+P. ‘this is being achieved by using three settings, ranging from daylight to a mellow mood. this enables the company to alter the ambience from bright and fresh in the morning, then softer through the afternoon to relaxing and enticing into the evening.’


in parallel, the variety of lighting treatments throughout the space adds to the experience, creating impact with spotlights to the perimeter and centre floor merchandising and a soft wash of light infilling shadows on the wall systems. the design also encompasses focused decorative feature lighting suspended over key products with a bright daylight flood of light over the impressive staircase to encourage circulation,’ he added.

reggiani lighting enhances the white company norwich store experience
the lighting is a combination of different systems to ensure the right brightness at different times of day




in order to reach these particular design requirements, a combination of reggiani’s ‘unimosa’ LED downlights, and a large tunable white back lit ceiling over the stairwell linked to a helvar ‘dali’ dimming system which delivers different sequenced scenes have been installed.

reggiani lighting enhances the white company norwich store experience
the first floor is illuminated by recessed ‘unimosa’ downlights




on the ground and first floor, light fittings include track-mounted adjustable ‘dali’ dimmable 26W LED ‘yori’ projectors complete with unique IOS reflectors, allowing their brightness to be fine-tuned in store. these are positioned alongside recessed adjustable 26W ‘unimosa’ downlights and recessed 10W ‘low’ LED downlights in both fixed and adjustable versions. additionally, cove lighting on these levels is provided by 6W, 9W and 27W LED linea luce slim low and high luminaires in a range of lengths to suit the dimensions of these more enclosed spaces.

reggiani lighting enhances the white company norwich store experience
recessed and downlighting offer the right balance of luminescence within the retail space




illuminating the way in and safety out of the white company store is reggiani’s new recessed ‘trybeca’, sited directly  under the entrance canopy and installed on a separate timed switch along with the british brand’s external signage.

reggiani lighting enhances the white company norwich store experience
entrance to the change room area



the lighting atmosphere evoked throughout the white company’s norwich store is soft and subtle, bringing a warmth and comfort that makes clients and shoppers a like, feel at home.