‘rescue transportation’ truck

‘rescue transportation’ vehicles by taiwanese designers meng-chang lin, yu-min cho, yan-rui huang, yi-xin huang, are a disaster-specific transport carriers. the project consisting of a helicopter and a truck can be combined together for the goal of providing fast delivery of resources and quick transport of injured victims from disaster areas. the surplus energy generated from the turbine powered helicopter can be converted into electricity to be used by the truck. additionally, the truck is designed with an independent suspension in order to pass through some of the complex terrain found in disaster ridden locales.

'rescue transportation' vehicles ‘rescue transportation’ helicopter

'rescue transportation' vehicles ‘rescue transportation’ helicopter and truck

'rescue transportation' vehicles

'rescue transportation' vehicles detail

'rescue transportation' vehicles detail

‘rescue transportation’ was part of the ‘fun taiwan, new design’ exhibition during DMY international design week berlin 2010. the show brought together young taiwanese designers whose work celebrated the culture, festivals and life experiences of their country.