a wheelchair that revolutionizes travel for its users. that’s what andrea mocellin envisions with the ‘revolve air’ foldable wheelchair. combining a safe and sturdy design with collapsable wheels, the product can fold down to fit the standard cabin baggage dimensions used universally by airlines. this means wheelchair users would no longer have to check-in their own wheelchair and rely on airport assistance along their journey, giving back the freedom that many of us take for granted. 

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 5

the unfolded and folded wheelchair at the airport

images and videos courtesy of revolve air



‘revolve air aims to give a total new independence to all active wheelchair users, who commute and travel everyday,’  says andrea mocellin, founder and inventor of revolve air. ‘this means no more need to check-in the wheelchair at the airport hours before the flight, with the risk of damage to the valuable and necessary chair. no more long waiting at the luggage delivery. no need to store the wheelchair in a large car trunk giving revolve air owners the freedom to drive small cars or take any taxis available. plus less need of assistance along the journey for more independence and time to invest for what really matters: the freedom to travel light and efficiently. this is a real breakthrough that can have a liberating effect on those who need to use wheelchairs, in all of the best ways.’

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 4

the design fits tight cabin baggage restrictions



a key feature of the revolve air includes revolutionary 24-inch foldable wheels. the wheelchair folds in the same amount of time as a standard foldable wheelchair but it saves up to 60% more space, making it ideal for airplane trips and similar journeys. this also means the chair can be easily stored in small trunks, the passenger seat of a compact car, or even in the overhead baggage hold on an airplane.

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 1

the folded wheelchair fits neatly in overhead lockers



opening or folding the wheelchair is a simple action, requiring nothing complicated and no feats of strength. both wheels can collapse along the same hub together with the seat and the backrest, guaranteeing compactness and transportability. its special foldable wheels even give the wheelchair an attractive, futuristic appearance when folded or not.

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 6

revolve air saves up to 60% more space when folded



andrea mocellin, founder and inventor of revolve air, has personally developed, designed and constructed the current prototypes but now the product needs the right partners to bring the wheelchair to market. for this reason, mocellin is now looking to connect with individuals, companies and associations who are interested in helping support the development and manufacturing of a limited series of wheelchairs to be tested with potential users and infrastructure all around the world. he’s also seeking partners who could help him develop a revolutionary rental space in airports around the globe, making revolve air available to rent, and making trips flow much smoother.


revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 7

pick your revolve air up at the airport

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 10

travel with ease to and from the airport 

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 11

the compact design even fits in the back of a smart car

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 9

revolve air in the passenger seat

revolve air the wheelchair in a new form 3

revolve air founder and inventor, andrea mocellin



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project name: revolve air
design: andrea mocellin


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