rezzan hasoglu reinterprets traditional glassblowing technique in vase collection
all images courtesy of rezzan hasoglu




turkish designer rezzan hasoglu has collaborated with local istanbul artisans to reinterpret a traditional glass blowing technique, resulting in a new collection of vases and bowls called ‘idyllic summer collection’, which was exhibited at tent london during the london design festival. the glass products reference the aegean coast and greek islands where vacationers spend blissful seasons near the deep blue water and ivory colored beaches. the vases have three distinct sizes while the two bowls can slightly be distinguished in shape and size.

rezzan hasoglu
the bowls come in two different sizes and give a sense of being underwater 




the glass technique is a combination of the çesm-i bülbül (a traditional venetian filigree glass technique adapted by the ottoman empire during the 18th century) with the incalmo method that joins the pieces while still hot. the glasses were used as giftware and tableware during the ottoman banquets, a fact that the collection reinterprets by passing down a cultural heritage to a new language form and function.

rezzan hasoglu
the vases come in three different sizes

rezzan hasoglu
blue salt water, sand and ivory colored rocks where the starting point 

rezzan hasoglu
local glassblowers work for the production of the idyllic summer collection

rezzan hasoglu
traditional ottoman glass technique is combined with the italian incalmo technique 

rezzan hasoglu
the turquoise color was influenced by the one found in the aegean coast and in the greek islands

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