rich brilliant willing’s palindrome chandelier adapts to its environment

all images courtesy of rich brilliant willing




sculptural, malleable, and now equipped with dim-to-warm LED technology, the contortionist ‘palindrome’ by RBW (rich brilliant willing) was built to adapt to its environment. each installation is unique, due to the modular composition of its tubular steel arms. they rotate to the custom configuration dictated by the size and shape of a space, and the light itself adjusts to mirror corresponding moods. at its brightest setting, the chandelier emits white tones ideal for commercial projects, but once dimmed, ‘palindrome’s’ light shifts to warmer, amber tones best suited for intimate hospitality and residential interiors. the light fixture is available in four different versions titled ‘palindrome’ 2, 4, 6 and 8. each has a unique interconnected structure that allows you to change the light to your own personal preference. the adaptable shape and scale of each design makes this product ideal for modern living.


‘palindrome’ 8


‘palindrome’ 2


the light itself adjusts to mirror corresponding moods


‘palindrome’ 4


 ‘palindrome’ 2


each chandelier adjusts to the custom configuration dictated by the size and shape of a space


‘palindrome’ is ideal for modern living


‘palindrome’ system




rich brilliant willing designs and manufactures led fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects. driven by technology, simplicity & creativity, the studio merges the industrial and the elegant, engineering warm, dimmable lighting solutions that are as beautiful as they are innovative. the results are intelligent and iconic, simple yet expressive. the inventory ranges from low-key staple pieces—minimalist wall-mounted sconces and ceiling fixtures—to arresting statement pieces that are as sculptural as they are functional. all RBW fixtures are ul listed, built in brooklyn, and ship within 10 days.