‘oblique’ wine glasses

among the many new products that italian company richard ginori launched at macef 09 were ‘oblique’ a set of wine glasses, ‘paiolo’ a soup pot and ‘eclissi’ a tableware collection.

made from crystal the ‘oblique’ set, uses a singular tranverse line that slides along the profile of each goblet. the design follows the non symmetrical glasses that have also been produced by various companies this year.

‘paiolo’ a pot traditionally used for soup in italy has been revamped for a new generation. the retro shaped pot is available in white, black and green colors.

richard ginori at macef 09 ‘eclissi’

richard ginori at macef 09 ‘paiolo’

richard ginori at macef 09 richard ginori exhibition setting image © designboom

for the exhibition setting richard ginori created a cosy atmosphere which suggested informal dining using high quality pieces. manufacturing pallets were transformed into low tables adding to the casual surrounding.

richard ginori at macef 09 image © designboomrichard ginori at macef 09 image © designboom

more: http://www.richardginori1735.com