richard ginori’s perroquets collection evokes imagery of 18th century botanical manuscripts




the philosophy of richard ginori has always drawn upon refinement, expressed through a sophisticated and contemporary style. a world where everything follows a precise direction, but comes together in perfect harmony, finding in the whole its sense of belonging: the home as a stage. table sets and furnishing accessories celebrate the historic tradition of the italian porcelain manufacturer through distinct decorations and motifs. 

richard ginori perroquets designboom
l’ara gris à trompe




their ‘perroquets’ collection continues in this tradition, made by recovering a craft technique of printing using film painted-china and silk looms without any contribution of digital technology. the wall plates draw influence from eighteenth-century botanical manuscripts, taken from the house’s historical archives. ink pen, film and silk frame are the method used for the development of the color composition of each parrot found on the individual plates. each film represents a hue, part of an extraodinary game of overlaps creating and completing the decoration. 

variéteé du perroquet maipouri




the china features a positive tone of color with lightly imprinted marks. the background is colored using the craft technique of ‘punzecchio’ – coloring done with a sponged effect – rendered by airbrush. each plate has been hand decorated, recreating a particular coloration with a full taste of an authentic past. 


the ‘perroquets’ wall plate collection was presented in an extravagant exhibition at the richard ginori store during milan design week 2016. 

l’amazone tapire
richard ginori perroquets designboom
le perroquet lori unicolor
richard ginori perroquets designboom
le perroquet cendré
richard ginori perroquets
le perruche souffré
l’ara noir à trompe
richard ginori perroquets designboom  
le lori ecaillé

le lori noir

l’ara noir à trompe
image © designboom
l’amazone tapire
image © designboom

richard ginori perroquets designboom
the plates provide an extravagant backdrop
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