imm cologne: richard lampert reintroduces three designs from the 1950s alongside his classic furniture collection at the imm cologne 2017 fair. presenting the ‘H 55’ and ‘frog’ chairs by herbert hirche, and the ‘TT 54’ chair by paul schneider-esleben, richard has brought new life to these pieces. their significant timeless quality has enabled the brand to fit them harmoniously with their other contemporary furniture.


you won’t find only classic or only contemporary furniture in people’s homes. usually, we surround ourselves with a mixture of design icons, contemporary furniture and antique pieces or heirlooms. our collection consists of a similar blend of styles: besides classics like the original eiermann table frame or herbert hirche’s lounge chair and H57 chair, our collection features innovative and unconventional designs from the last 20 years. at imm cologne 2017, we are showing three classic designs that are new to our collection. so, it’s a good time to focus on our classics from the 1950s and 60s and to put them centre stage,says richard lampert. 

richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboomnews
the chair has an organic, comforting form



immediately expressing high levels of comfort, the small ‘H 55’ chair resonates relaxation through its organic and ergonomic shape. the perfectly formed design was discovered by richard lampert in a 1960s book about the german architect and designer herbert hirche. after finding out that only a hand full of pieces were ever produced, the brand brought back the design, keeping to its original qualities. it features a tubular steel frame that supports a plastic seat that can be adorned in a variety of fabrics and materials.

richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboom01
the ‘H 55’ chair features a tubular steel frame and an upholstered plastic seat


richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboom08
the classic ‘frog’ chair by herbert hirche is available in a range of different colors



reintroducing another classic design of herbert hirche, richard lampert also presents the 1958 ‘frog chair’ at the imm cologne 2017. with its expressive and distinctive form, making it appear like a sitting amphibian, the furniture piece is now available in an array of different colors as well in a natural oak finish. further adding little modifications, it features a slightly higher seat height and a less inclined backrest. nonetheless, the ‘frog’ chair can still be stacked up, making it ideal for lecture theatres, halls or conferences.

richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboomg04
the chair’s seat height is slight higher and has a less inclined backrest


richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboom10
many pieces can be stacked upon each other


richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboom04
the ‘TT 54’ is defined by its simple yet unique design



adapting it to meet the requirements of today’s ergonomics and comfort, richard lampert also exhibits the ‘TT 54’ chair by german architect paul schneider-esleben. described as simple yet unique, the 1954 dining chair consists of a wickerwork seat, made from black rattan, that is supported by a 10mm-diameter black tubular steel frame. the piece fits perfectly into his collection as it displays strong characteristics of timelessness, uniqueness, and simpleness.

richard lampert frog H55 TT54 imm cologne designboom05
the chair was modified to adhere to the ergonomic and comfort demands of today’s market