‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn), 2009 recycled plastic

these hand woven chairs are all created by richard liddle’s hands in a one off blue colour. produced in the UK from recycled domestic plastic waste, the unique chairs explore the latest of british company, cohda‘s, research into the tooling process and technical experimentation of recycled plastics in design.

liddle’s chairs are hand woven in 100% recycled domestic plastic waste. gallery plusdesign exhibited the chairs at object rotterdam 2010.

richard liddle RD 21 roughly drawn‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn)

liddle spent two years at london’s royal college of art studying the problem and developing a solution – a process that melds plastic recycling and manufacturing into a single, seamless process.

richard liddle RD 21 roughly drawn ‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn)

the RD 21 chair was first launched at the salone del mobile 2009, in collaboration with plusdesign gallery

richard liddle RD 21 roughly drawn ‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn)

cohda’s first commercial product was  the ‘RD4’ chair.

richard liddle RD 21 roughly drawn ‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn)

‘I’ve always been fascinated by the image of an elephant standing on two legs on a small metal stool,‘ liddle says.

richard liddle RD 21 roughly drawn ‘RD 21’ (roughly drawn), detail

liddle’s company ‘cohda design’ refined its process of efficiently converting waste materials into new products. the studio is equipped with the modified industrial machines that can take bottles made of HDPE – a plastic used in the construction, housewares, automotive and packaging industries – grind them into flakes, melt them, and form that molten plastic into chairs, lamps, and other products using a process he calls ‘uncooled recycled extrude’ or ‘URE’.