catch richard yasmine's 'FURRYBUM/SOFTBUM' armchairs at 5vie during milan design week

catch richard yasmine's 'FURRYBUM/SOFTBUM' armchairs at 5vie during milan design week

a look at the cartoonish ‘FURRYBUM / SOFTBUM’ collection


‘FURRYBUM / SOFTBUM’ by Richard Yasmine is a conceptual furniture series that converts basic two-dimensional illustrations into extravagant, bulbous, and cartoonish armchairs using the geometries of a triangle, square, and circle. The digital collection will be showcased in the GALLERIA at 5vie during Milan design week 2022. 

furrybum softbum 1

‘FURRYBUM’ in pastel yellow



richard yasmine’s use of symbolic geometries 


Explaining his choice of geometries, Richard Yasmine (see more here) comments: ‘triangle expresses manifestation, illumination, exposure, and higher perspectives. It marks the cycles of evolution leading to an advanced state of existence and is best represented by yellow. The square represents structure and balance, law and order. It’s the laws of nature existing in the physical territory, with a sense of security that can be seen in blue. Finally, besides evoking cyclical movement, the circle symbolizes totality, wholeness, perfection, and eternity — a celebration of timelessness best represented in red.’ 

furrybum softbum 10

bold colors and shapes



playing with fur and velvety textures 


‘FURRYBUM’ comes fitted with either synthetic pastel fur or black fur and ropes to match the designer’s ‘WOVEN WHISPERS’ collection that will also be exhibited at 5vie. ‘SOFTBUM’, meanwhile, is wrapped in silky and velvety primary colors, revealing more sober lines than its fluffy counterpart. 


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furrybum softbum 2
‘SOFTBUM’ in golden yellow velvet

furrybum softbum 3
‘FURRYBUM’ in black 

furrybum softbum 5

‘SOFTBUM’ in classic blue velvet

furrybum softbum 8
‘SOFTBUM’ in rose red velvet

furrybum softbum 4
‘FURRYBUM’ in baby blue 








project info:



type: Digital collection 

design: Richard Yasmine

rendering: Cleerstudio 



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom

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