at milan design week 2021, lebanese designer richard yasmine showcases his ‘flowing fragments’ series. the collection is composed of 16 limited edition tables-cum-stools along with 16 sculptures, each of which is actually an offcut from the production process. the 32 sculptural pieces are on view in the galleria of 5VIE during the september edition of milan design week 2021.

flowing fragments 1
the collection is composed of 16 limited edition tables/stools and their offcuts

images by cleerstudio



each furniture piece designed by richard yasmine measures 42x42x42cm. the forms take inspiration from classic architectural motifs, namely from the greco-roman world, but display a minimal and simpler geometry to reflect a post-contemporary aesthetic philosophy. 

flowing fragments 6
the pieces can be used as tables or stools



each object is made from alternating slabs of sedimentary and basaltic stones, which are then assembled to create a single component. each cube is then cut to give its shape, generating an accompanying offcut. the shapes vary from smooth arches to more edgy triangular forms. 

flowing fragments 4
forms are inspired by architectural motifs from the greco-roman world



flowing fragments highlights how production waste, leftovers and offcuts can be transformed into dramatic sculptural pieces. yasmine aims to show how opposite forces are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. and moreover, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

flowing fragments 2
one table and its offcuts



as well as highlighting production waste, flowing fragments also aims to communicate the importance of our global cultural heritage. the project serves to spread awareness to save the remaining fragments of previous civilizations, in addition, to help protect sites that are threatened by destruction or urban development.

flowing fragments 8
the 16 offcuts

flowing fragments 9
two tables/stools and their offcuts

flowing fragments 3
monotone grey stone

flowing fragments 5
pink travertine

flowing fragments 7
flowing fragments is on view during the september edition of milan design week 2021

flowing fragments 10
the offcuts become sculptures

flowing fragments 11
the shapes in wire



project info:


name: flowing fragments
designer: richard yasmine


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom