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On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, designer Richard Yasmine introduces ‘WOVEN Whispers’ at 5vie. The collection is located in a natural garden on Via Cesare Correnti, featuring furniture pieces inspired by nomadic lifestyles, bold modernism, basic geometries, and the arts & crafts movement. More importantly, the project celebrates age-old crafting techniques that date back 5,000 years — originating in ancient Egypt before making their way to Persia and the roman empire. 


It is a proclamation to preserve our vanishing cultural heritage while exploring the relationship between the east and west. A message converted physically into a dramatically enchanted furniture collection that maintains a connection to the past while considering the evolution of our modern days,’ notes Yasmine. 

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Poetic Craftsmanship | all images © Amir Farzad



‘the city and the tower’: an ode to social systems


Beside honoring ancient crafts, Yasmine (see more here) also alludes to historical settlements by composing sculptural pieces with stackable tables of different sizes and heights — which he calls ‘The City and the Tower’. The resulting designs echo the monolithic pillars and edifices that defined cities like Babylon.


Meanwhile, his choice of colors, patterns, and material composition reflect the social, geopolitical, and psychological layers of social systems worldwide. With ‘WOVEN Whispers’, the designer specifically wanted to communicate a message of solidarity and harmony. For example, the ropes adorning the edifice-like furniture represent help and hope, spotlighting the importance of social structures as well as the value of the individual; both are essential to keeping a system stable.

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Weaving Poetry



reviving near-extinct crafts


Yasmine collaborated with several craftsmen to complete his collection, promoting their faithful techniques and graceful skills of weaving and braiding. Materials include natural fibers, organically dyed ropes, rattan, wicker, and wood to accentuate a warm, earthy, and somewhat primitive aesthetic.

Travelling across time, cultures, and civilizations, the project ultimately celebrates various skills on the verge of extinction and revives the unique journey of artisans across history.

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In the Shadow of Love

woven whispers 3
Loneliness in Ebony

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Organic Vessels and the Lion 

woven whispers 6
Thousand Lines and More

woven whispers 8
Totem or Tables?

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The City and the Tower / Welcome to Nature 





project info:


name: WOVEN Whispers

location: 5vie Milano, Italy 
design: Richard Yasmine

photography: Amir Farzad 




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