‘meshmatics’ floor lamp by atelier rick tegelaar image © designboom




dutch designer rick tegelaar has created ‘meshmatics’, a series of lamps made from bamboo and chicken wire. the collection consists of both closed and open versions, along with a floor lamp. due to the precision with which the wire needed to be formed, tegelaar developed a machine and a set of tools that enable very controlled and accurate shaping. the material is stretched over a wooden mould and pulled from above, creating a tension in the material that allows for an efficient base structure.


to create each lamp, tegelaar first places wet bamboo paper over the chicken wire frame. the fibers are expanded from the water, so as the material dries, the paper wraps tightly over the mesh, taking its shape. the layer of bamboo contributes to the resilience of the lamps while also diffusing and warming the light.

rick tegelaar: meshmatics  open pendant lamp image © designboom

rick tegelaar: meshmatics set of three designs image © designboom

rick tegelaar: meshmatics all the components needed to carry out the design with an expanitory video image © designboom

production process of ‘meshmatics’ video © oostfilm