'rik' by inon rettig   'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed

'rik' by inon rettig 'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed


‘rik’ by inon rettig from israel is one of the 240 shortlisted entries from more than 5100 participants in our recent designboom competition ‘design for all‘ in collaboration with seoul design fair 2010.

designer’s own words: ‘I chose to design and produce a series of stools and light fixtures that combine wood and plastic in such a way that one ‘confines’ the other with in it, giving it form and structure. I worked with the well-known and old fashioned plastic industry technology known as vacuum forming (the processing of plastic bolts through heating and stretching on a tray using vacuum). this is a technology that began with a design orientation but quickly became reduced to a secondary element that is considered inferior within the industry. as with every technology, vacuum forming has its unique advantages and disadvantages. one of the primary disadvantages of this technology is the creation of ‘bridges’ or ‘webbing’: in places where the raw material does not reach the tray’ it sticks to itself to create sort of plastic walls alongside the tray. the idea of this project is to take that same unintentional disadvantage and to turn it into an intentional advantage. within these limitations, I created an aesthetic that uses the element of chance as a formal language and, moreover, structurally reinforces the object’

stay tuned. the entire list of shortlisted entries from the ‘design for all’ competition will be revealed shortly.

'rik' by inon rettig   'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed up close

'rik' by inon rettig   'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed detail

'rik' by inon rettig   'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed detail

'rik' by inon rettig   'design for all' competition shortlisted revealed

video of the making-of

  • 🙂

    Sep 03, 2010
  • I intentionally stir the pot to get a response from others to hopefully gain insight to their perception of a great design. If we all just came in with a nice pat on the back and said how great the work was, it becomes ego feeding at that point and not much discussion occurs regarding the design. Something that I’ve seen as a trend in many forums.

    Truth now, (and please pardon my cruelty, as it was only an experiment) I think this is highly creative, very original, and definitely worthy of its due recognition. Sorry for ruffling feathers, love and hate must exist in a design discussion. I doubt that “opp” would have responded with such passion to your standard “great job” comments.

    Inon you did a fantastic job, and very intelligent in how you handle negativity. As for me, I’m someone you would all know. The alias “Jack” I use for research!

    Good day and great design people.

    Sep 03, 2010
  • hey, thank you all for the comments (even you jack)
    im glad my work is stimulating a discussion, even if some of it is negetiv (a bit of it is just plain insults’ like the part of the 5 year old) . i dont expect everyone to love my work after all design means different thing to different peolple. anyway im happy it made it to the shortlist it means someone did understand and like it.
    i wish you all the best and happy new year (its the jewish one now)
    p.s thanx opp…

    Sep 03, 2010
  • dear jack
    it seems like you know nothing about design and that you are actually just a jack.
    1.you can see in the pictures that the wooden “disk” was carved into a cone
    2. if you look at the video you can see that the part that is taken out was also carved and designed
    3. your comment about the machine doing the work is just plain stupid… what year do you live in ?
    look around you…every thing is made by machines/
    you can break down almost every famous design the way you just did and come to the same conclusion let say Castiglioni’s arco is just a marble block that you can buy in any marble block store and the machine made the shape and the hole. the stainless steal stem is an arch which is not a new form, there are arches anywhere. the reflector which you can be sure a machine made is just a salad bowl up side down

    i would start explaining to you about good design now but i think it wouldnt matter much to you.
    so…hit the road jack

    great work simple and beautifully designed/

    Sep 03, 2010
  • Yes i agree Jack. I have quetion as direction of jury. recently designboom contest chices many projects like this. Also last competition MACEF Inteligent hands shortlists. There were many proto type or try. I found inteligent hand spilits=the works just I did it.. Look like they chice only someone try prototypes . Important thing is the concept. how you resolve problem or inovative next solution? i believe too much easy chice. also the subject of competition is wrong. Design for All shoudnt ? It means Everythings OK.
    I hope for designboom international conpetition more high level.

    Sep 03, 2010
  • Ok I just have to rant here…. What part did you actually design?? You can purchase the wood disk at just about any lumber store, then the “machine” not “you” does the rest of the work. So I’m confused? What was really designed here, or was this just a happy accident! I think it’s fun for sure. Very cool actually, but IMO not a well thought out design, more like an experiment with the leg work cut out. Still love all forms of design and not trying to be a pain, I’m just surprised. I’m sure there are many other designs worth recognition over this idea.

    Sep 03, 2010
  • Give me a break…. watch this video link below. See any similarities to this idea???


    come on..

    Sep 03, 2010
  • I think “for all” is really too generic. I also participated in this competition (hope to be in the shortlist too) and I understood that the organizers want to let the public know that design is important for us all. nothing more.

    Sep 02, 2010
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