ripple focuses on multiple dimensions of tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli to enable people with disabilities to experience sexual pleasure without the embarrassment or discomfort. the design provides the tactility – such as pressure or heat – on various areas of human body, the scent of pheromone and even the rhythm of sound and light to set an intimate environment for each person. this way, the mix of the suit and eye mask successfully create the immersive ambience to meet the sexual need of people with mobility limitations. the users of ripple require caregivers to assist their daily life, yet with this design, they can do so in a more private way.




the idea was born in taiwan, where people with disabilities’ family members usually play the role of the caregiver, which leads to embarrassment and sometimes ignorance for the need of masturbation. therefore, the design of ripple does not only help those in need but also attempts to raise public awareness about the unnoticed desire. ripple’s design includes three parts: the clothes with tactile stimulus, the facial mask with visual/auditory/olfactory stimulus and a remote control with a receiver.




ripple’s suit focuses on the simulation of tactile stimulation. the heated, air-inflated cushions are placed at the sensitive areas such as breasts and thighs. the air cushions will gradually inflate along the muscle to simulate the feeling of touching and caressing. there are also some stimulations such as vibration for women, and pressure in the men’s crotch area.




other than touching, ripple also provides a facial mask that enhances the experience providing visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. the facial mask has three main purposes: first, users are blocked from the sense of sight with a subtle ambient light sining through the mask, setting the mood for the moment. second, the mask plays asmr (autonomous sensory meridian response) sounds for relaxation through its attached ear pods. lastly, it releases pheromone through a device near the nose bridge to reduce possible anxiety and increase the user’s sex drive.




after every session, ripple will inflate and heat the cushions all over the suit to simulate the feeling of a hug and to make the user feel at ease after orgasm. other cushions that are placed at shoulder and abdominal will inflate simultaneously to create the feeling of being embraced. there are also sensors on the clothes that user can use remote to control and choose how they want the air cushion to work.



product info:


product name: ripple

designers: zoe huang, rising lai



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