robert debbane’s intricate 3D-printed lamps light up new york design week
all images courtesy of robert debbane




as an exploration into the relationship between traditional art-making and digital processes, brooklyn-based designer robert debbane has realized a series of lighting fabricated using 3D printers. presented at wanted design fair during new york design week 2015, the collection of lamps — in pendant, table and chandelier variations — are influenced by motifs found throughout nature and architecture.

3D printed lamps robert debbane wanted design new york
‘galactica table lamp’




examples of the decorative sources include islamic tile patterns, found throughout debbane’s ancestral home of lebanon. this ornamentation forms the impression for the ‘sidon table lamp’, a 12-inch diameter globe-shaped lighting with a hand-finished walnut base. alluding to natural ompositions found in the environment, debbane designs the ‘galactica table lamp’ based on images of outer-space and the cosmos, with intricate, almost lace-like graphics expressed on the outer surface.


when illuminated, each of the geometric patterns etched into the globes are revealed through dramatic shadows cast on the surrounding walls; when unlit, the white exterior material and its meticulous carvings are reminiscent of ancient relief sculptures.

3D printed lamps robert debbane wanted design new york
detail of the intricate motifs carved into the ‘galactica table lamp’

3D printed lamps robert debbane wanted design new york
the unlit table lamp is fabricated using a 3D printer

the new ‘sidon table lamp’, lit and unlit

the ‘sidon table lamp’ casts dramatic shadows on the surrounding walls

the ‘galactica pendant’, illuminated and unlit

the ‘galactica pendant’ is influenced by images of outer-space and the cosmos



‘galactica’ time lapse assembly
video courtesy of robert debbane studio

the ‘fez pendant’ sources islamic patterns in its design

the illuminated ‘fez pendant’

detail of the intricate geometric motifs illustrated within the ‘fez pendant’