‘rodger lamp’

rodger stevens is a new york based artist and designer who creates paintings, drawings, sculptures and lighting. his lighting work draws on his artistic background, reflecting sculptures from the constructivist movement. each lamp is made using a variety of reclaimed wood pieces, attached together in seemingly haphazard ways. closer inspection reveals that the lamps are articulated to adjust in height and angle. stevens has built table lamps and floor lamps, some on a very large scale. here is a collection of these works, including a series of candelabras following a similar aesthetic.


rodger stevens: lights‘arm lamp’

rodger stevens: lights‘lamppost lamp’ & ‘hangman lamp’

rodger stevens: lights‘signpost lamp’

rodger stevens: lights‘paul lamp’

rodger stevens: lights‘candle rig #3’ & ‘standing quartet’

rodger stevens: lights‘candleline 1’ candelabra