rodolfo, a modular sofa by LOVEThESIGN, offers endless configurations




‘rodolofo’, a modular sofa by LOVEThESIGN, first debuted during milan design week 2015. the first product of the italian home décor e-commerce site’s ThESIGN collection, ‘rodolofo’ offers endless seating configurations for any interior. the design is composed of three types of modules: a steel rod frame, a folding seat / bed, and an ottoman / backstreet; all of which are sold separately in order that users have the possibility to create an infinite number of combinations and customize their ‘rodolofo’ to their exact desires — from a basic chaise lounge to an extensive seating solution for larger communal areas. ‘rodolofo’ is a contemporary seating solution that responds to the innate italian habit of gathering with family or friends even within spaces that are small and not suitable for large parties. it adapts and creates that extra seat exactly when and where you need it — whether its for an extra friend at dinner, or a surprise guest staying the night — embodying mediterranean hospitality.

rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_001
‘rodolfo’ is composed of three types of modules which offer an infinite number of seating combinations



as of now, the individual ‘rodolfo’ modules are for sale online on LOVEThESIGN here; and in a few weeks, the accompanying 2D and 3D configuration systems will also be available. these will be the first of their kind and are set to boast an unprecedented complexity, not only allowing customers to select colours, materials and basic layouts, but offer the opportunity for one to build an entire personal sofa without restrictions. users will be able to look at the modules from a variety of angles in order to create their favourite combinations in a quick, dynamic, intuitive and fun way.


discover more about the world of ‘rodolfo’ here.rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_003
the modules can be arranged together or stand alone




for the first time in the home décor industry, users will be able to view, play with and build such a complex item with an unparalleled level of customization. they will then pay and receive their sofa at home – everything happens online, in the same virtual place.’ – laura angius, vincenzo cannata and simone panfilo, LOVEThESIGN’s founders
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_004
‘rodolfo’ offers the opportunity for one to build an entire personal sofa without restrictions
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_005
‘rodolfo’ can be configured as a chaise lounge…rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_006
or a sofa.
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_007
the modules can be configured for single use
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_008
‘rodolfo’ as a loveseat
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_009
detail of the steel rod frame
rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_010 rodolfo sofa lovethesign designboom_011


the various configurations of ‘rodolfo’
video courtesy of LOVEThESIGN