when israeli designer, roee ben yehuda, sat down to create this charming coffee maker, he asked himself, ‘how can I incorporate my love for mechanical and tactile-looking objects with a clean, updated look?’ unlike capsule machines of today, which brew coffee at the touch of a button, the ‘moon’ concept tries to keep the steampunk aesthetic of traditional espresso makers, while maintaining a small shape and cute character.

roee ben yehuda designs a cute coffee maker with a 'steampunk' aesthetic

all images courtesy of roee ben yehuda



nowadays, coffee machines are a common household appliance, and with that their design has changed and reduced from those industrial espresso makers we now see only in cafés and restaurants. ‘i’ve always been fascinated with those big chrome machines that almost looked like a small lab, it made me think about how we perceive coffee now when the whole ritual is being reduced to a capsule and a press of a button,’ explains roee ben yehuda.

moon coffee maker concept 3



inspired by these ‘big chrome machines’, and the science behind creating the perfect brew, the designer began sketching ideas for moon. he then used 3D modeling and quick-model tests in polyurethane foam to realize his idea. the result is a curved and compact prototype that includes key features of the original steampunk brewers.

moon coffee maker concept 2

moon coffee maker concept 7

moon coffee maker concept 4

moon coffee maker concept 6

moon coffee maker concept 5

 roee ben yehuda designs a cute coffee maker with a 'steampunk' aesthetic



project info:


project name: moon coffee maker concept

design: roee ben yehuda


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