‘sleeping ericius’, 2011 all images courtesy of rolf sachs

gabrielle ammann // gallery presents new ‘curiosity dome lights’ by swiss-born london-based artist / designer rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011. each of the lights features a mirrored dome and contains an integrated light source which allows the illuminated reflective coating to become virtually transparent, in which a surprise is revealed from within. these reflections are created on the inside of the mirror. the first of the ‘curiosity’ series were presented at design miami / basel 2010 and the new 2011 additions include: ‘en-light-ened’, ‘look into my heart’ and ‘sleeping ericius’.

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 a small hedgehog hibernates within

a hibernating hedgehog can be found within the dome light ‘sleeping ericius’. he lies at the heart of the object, nestled onto a soft goose down cushion, warmed by the bulb above, protected by the dome.

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 alternative view

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 ‘look into my heart’, 2011

‘look into my heart’ features a anatomical heart at its centre which is twice the size of an actual human heart. a white miniature figure stands alone in its core, resulting in a surreal visual landscape of contrasting scales.

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 up close at the larger than life-sized heart with a small white figurine standing within to the left

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 ‘en-light-ened’, 2011

with ‘en-light-ened’, a cross stands solitary, illuminated by layers of electroluminescent wire wrapped around its geometric and symbolic form, creating an environment of reflections.

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 views of the illuminated cross wrapped in electroluminescent wire

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 ‘light chemistry’, 2011

with ‘light chemistry’ sachs continues to explore the aesthetics of ‘ready-mades’ of the typical science laboratory for his ‘light chemistry’ table lamp, a new limited edition piece for priveekollektie also on show at design miami basel 2011. here, sachs has taken existing laboratory glassware and fittings, reapplying them to design the sculptural light object. chemicals and liquids that usually run through the glass vessels are replaced by a visible flow of red and blue electrical cables, that illuminate the individually connected vessel, reminding us of the mechanisms of the human body.

rolf sachs at design miami / basel 2011 details of the chemistry vessels and fittings

alongside the new domelights and ‘light chemistry’, sachs presents his ‘a light breath’ chandeliers and ‘waxwork’ chair which were first shown at his ‘in-pulse!’ exhibition during milan design week 2011.