‘PQ eyewear collection’ by ron arad all images courtesy of PQ eyewear

eyewear brand ‘PQ‘ by london-based israel-born designer and architect ron arad features collections ‘A-frame’ and ‘corbs’, each building on the classic spectacles with simple yet unique ideas.

the ‘corbs’ frames are one single unit sculpted from a block of acetate. the hinges are different from the usual pin and socket, eliminating the problem of the hardware getting loose. the concept arose from looking at the vertebrae’s of animals. creating a series of joined hinges which are interlinked to a spine running on the inside of the arms allows for an inward bend but not an outward. to emphasize the unity of the spectacles and to emphasis the form, the lens is set back. the shape is an ode to le corbusier and his iconic glasses.   

ron arad: pq eyewear‘angel – sun’ in clear 

ron arad: pq eyeweardetail of redeveloped hinges 

ron arad: pq eyewear‘corbs – waterloo’ sunglasses in red 

ron arad: pq eyewearthe frames work much like the animal vertebrae    

ron arad: pq eyewear‘park royal’

the ‘A-frame’ structure is composed entirely of wire. the form of the nose bridge is an ‘A’, with multiple grooves in the back of the arch for the linear horizontal component to fit into. depending on the height at which it is inserted, the lenses move farther away or closer together. the adjustability allows for users with various head and nose sizes to customize their eyewear, maximizing their comfort. the hinges are sprung, an idea derived from the templates of old glasses. when the glasses are removed, they close naturally. 

ron arad: pq eyewear‘holborn sun’ with an adjustable bridge unique to the collection

ron arad: pq eyewear‘stratford’ optical glasses 

ron arad: pq eyewear‘stratford’ sunglasses with red interior frame

ron arad: pq eyewear‘oxford circus’ demonstrating the adjustable mechanism 

ron arad: pq eyewear‘notting hill gate’

ron arad: pq eyewear ‘tottenham court road’ 

ron arad: pq eyewear the transparent case uses a silicone rubber brush to hold glasses in place

ron arad: pq eyewear digital concept sketch by ron arad as seen in pq interview 

ron arad: pq eyewear digital concept sketch of ‘A-frame’ by ron arad as seen in pq interview 

ron arad: pq eyewearlogo