ron gilad: wallpiercing for flosthe lights are used in groupings to create a graphic wall covering




italian manufacturer flos in collaboration with new york based designer, ron gilad has created ‘wallpiercing’, an adaptive lighting system for vertical surfaces.

the ring-shaped light offers a range of graphic and lighting effects when used alongside others. by linking multiple units together, users are able to create a customizable collage that spans any desired length or height. LED light sources produce a diffused luminosity in a range of colors and intensities,  altering the appearance and mood of the environment it is placed within.

ron gilad: wallpiercing for flos ‘wallpiercing’ by ron gilad for flos images courtesy of flos




the lamps, which are housed within a cast aluminum and polycarbonate shell, are seamlessly submerged into the wall, eliminating the appearance of housings and brackets.

ron gilad: wallpiercing for flos detail

ron gilad: wallpiercing for flos white light




this project is currently on show at stockholm furniture fair 2011.