ronan + erwan bouroullec articulate cloud vases as organic black stains
all images courtesy of ronan + erwan bouroullec




while drawing (whether digital or by traditional pen and paper) feeds one’s creative development, for ronan and erwan bouroullec, it is a bit of an obsession — an exercise that is often a bit of a compulsive situation. for the french designers the sketches are distinguished into two types: preliminary studies they produce before realizing an object; and those which remain only as something two-dimensional.

bouroullec cloud vases designboom
the ‘cloud vases’ stand as a series of organic black stains




two years ago, the bouroullecs compiled more than 850 of their compositions into ‘drawing’, a book that cites their illustrations as something organic, deeply connected to their design practice. their intention in publishing the volume was to show that the act of drawing is compelling, very different from the design context in which only a few ideas emerge — taking several years — and come into physical existence. for the duo, it is a direct and constant venture, with its immediacy contrasting with the frustration that sometimes appears in the discipline.
bouroullec cloud vases designboom




in completing the book, ronan and erwan wanted to make an object that conveyed the importance of drawing for them. they did a few tests, experimented with a different materials and decided on ceramics for its aesthetic because of its imperfect and vibrant character that is similar in nature. the result is ‘cloud vases’ which is based on the articulation of shapes, and the possibility of composition through kind of organic black stains.
bouroullec cloud vases designboom
the vases can be arranged in various compositionsbouroullec cloud vases designboom
the ‘cloud vases’ come in a variety of heights and sizesbouroullec cloud vases designboom