‘dicast chair’ by ronen kadushin photos: baruch ben yitzhak

the ‘discast chair’ by israeli designer ronen kadushin is made from arranging pieces of wood into a sandbox and letting molten aluminium overflow into the spaces they left. the furniture object, which is made in two parts, is an experiment with unforeseen results and giving up control on the production process. the back and hind legs are made as one part and are locked in by casting the seat and front legs over them. the large bulges at the bottom of the front legs were created when the sand ‘sponged in’ the aluminium. this chair is one-of-a-kind.

ronen kadushin: discast chair 3/4 front view

ronen kadushin: discast chair the large masses at the bottom of the front legs are created when the sand is ‘sponged in’ the aluminium

ronen kadushin: discast chair

3/4 back view

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