architect takuto ohta introduces ‘rubbish things’, a series of wooden organic objects with the ability to roam freely within the environment. refusing to stay put, rubbish things employ their surroundings (both lifeless and living things) along with natural phenomena, to move with no imposition or restriction; even if pushed away, they will come back. 

rubbish things 1



‘things are designed inorganically by people; they take forms and masses that were meant to stay still in one place’ takuto ohta shares. ‘fixed and bound by given physical bodies, they convey an air of helplessness somehow’. meanwhile, rubbish things are equipped with ways to move around, making use of the natural environment and its phenomena, or even the people around them. that doesn’t necessarily mean that they reject people, but rather that they want to coexist with them and have their presence and value recognized by them. 





rubbish things embody a peculiar existence born in this world with no aim to serve a specific function. although they might seem like silly objects with no reason, rubbish things can freely enjoy this world without being consumed solely as a thing – ‘they may be something that modern people living in the inconvenient freedom must seek’ the designer says. when pressed forward, they resist and come back to their previous position, they move around to find a comfortable place for themselves. for the first time, we might be able to discover a ‘will’ beginning to grow within inanimate objects.

rubbish things 2

rubbish things 3
top plate to place any belongings

rubbish things 4
the main structure equips one hundred mahogany sticks

rubbish things 5
shape of shadow

rubbish things 6
rubbish thing in natural light

rubbish things 7
line up of rubbish things

rubbish things 8
a group of rubbish things



project info:



name: rubbish things
designer: takuto ohta



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