rui pereira + ryosuke fukusada slice tile sashi bathroom collection
all images courtesy of rui pereira




milan-based designer rui pereira in collaboration with ryosuke fukusada has created a collection of bathroom furniture ’tile sashi’ which means ‘slice’ in japanese. the project was based on the act of slicing through a raw material in order to build something new. by cutting the tiles into thin strips, the flat material was able to be produced as a three-dimensional configuration, making it part of the furniture’s surface. wanting to achieve a softer appearance, a pastel color has been applied in the junctions with other natural materials such as red clay and cork also mixed in. the series was presented during milan design week 2014 in a collective exhibition ‘another perspective 2- another detail’ supported by cotto ceramics.


mirror with small cabinet, sink and stool


(left) sink with everyday use tray and storage base
(right) bench with towel hanger and storage


stool + storage


rui pereira + ryosuke fukusada slice tile sashi bathroom collection



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