‘stickbulb’ by RUX design ‘wall torch’ series H24 x L4.5 x W1 inches / H61 x L11 x W2.5 cm H36 x L6 x W1 inches / H91 x L15 x W2.5 cm

versatile lamp series ‘stickbulb‘ by new york-based design firm RUX re-imagines the common light bulb. each element is an LED strip housed within a metal finish or sleek wooden beam ranging in length from one foot to seven feet long – the wood itself is maple, walnut or ipe salvaged from coney island boardwalk. ‘stickbulb’ can be arranged in multiple ways in such that it can function as a sconce, leaned against the wall as a minimalist light fixture, or mounted to the underside of a shelf to illuminate work surfaces. minimal steel hardware pieces also allow ‘stickbulbs’ to be cantilevered from walls or bundled together like a bouquet, accommodating a wide range of functional requirements and aesthetic tastes. the design is available in wall torch; table torch; floor torch; middle and little vase; as well as little bang, middle bang and big bang options.

RUX design: stickbulb lamp left: ‘bang’ series little bang: H32 x L14 x W11.5 inches / H81 x L36 x W29 cm middle bang: H60 x L18 x W13 inches / H152 x L46 x W33 cm big bang: H108 x L26 x W26 inches / H274 x L66 x W66 cm

right: ‘table torch’ series table torch (2 ft): H24 x L5.75 x W3.75 inches / H61 x L15 x W9.5 cm table torch (3 ft): H36 x L5.75 x W3.75 inches / H91 x L15 x W9.5 cm floor torch: H72 x L9 x W5.5 inches / H183 x L23 x W14 cm

RUX design: stickbulb lamp ‘vase’ series little vase: H27 x L4 x W4 inches / H27 x 10 x 10 cm middle vase: H40 x L5 x W5 inches / 102 x L13 x W13 cm