top perspective of ‘puddle’ by ryuji nakamura all images are courtesy of ryuji nakamura

japanese architect ryuji nakamura is known for his delicate use of unexpected materials. his installation ‘puddle’ consists of various sheets of cellophane that have been rolled to create a colorful table top of vertical standing tubes.

the project was originally created as part of the design x science meeting ‘earth: materials for design’ exhibition in tokyo. the show explored the use of everyday materials such as wood, plastic and metals, with the means of creating a dialog on making / designing objects in the coming age.

‘puddle’ is based on a study of how various designers, who work with a range of materials, understand the flow of time on our planet. the intention of each piece is to examine the ‘communication between design and science’ while using materials familiar to us.

ryuji nakamura: puddle

ryuji nakamura: puddle detail of the cellophane tubes layered on top of a table’s surface

ryuji nakamura: puddle overall view of ‘puddle’

ryuji nakamura: puddle

ryuji nakamura: puddle cellophane detail

ryuji nakamura: puddle