ryun fan lamp employs traditional forms in a modern assembly
all photos courtesy of orijeen




modeled on traditional folding asian fans, ‘ryun’, constructed by master craftsmen in jeonju, korea for orijeen, allows users to dramatically change the shade by unfurling a bamboo frame. made with traditional korean paper (hanji), the piece presents a modern interpretation of a timeless accessory while achieving a balance between these two disparate forces. ‘ryun fan’ comes in a high and low version with subtle changes to the works entirety to render two one of a kind pieces.



ryun circular lamp orijeen designboom 2
the lamp in the process of being unraveled

ryun circular lamp orijeen designboom 4
detail view of the lamp from behind and in front, notice the modern front appearance and traditional back

ryun fan
‘ryun 2’ features a polished aluminum base and diameter smaller fan 

ryun fan

ryun fan
‘ryun 1’ becomes the focal point of the space


the two fans next to each other emphasize how they both achieve balance but in different means 



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom